As a young piano teacher, Yuan Peng has a passion for piano teaching. Her students range in age from 4 to 16, and there are also adult students. From 2014 to now, she has helped students to participate in competitions, examinations, etc., and also encouraged them to participate in charity performances in the elderly community. In addition, there are two students' recitals every year. "Seeing the growth of students is my biggest motivation," said Yuan Peng.

In Ms. Peng's piano lessons, in addition to teaching piano skills, she also cares about how students feel about music. She asks students to listen to the music they play and guides them to find ways to play nice sounds. Ms. Peng's teaching philosophy is to instill in students a lifelong appreciation and love of music. Yuan Peng believes that being a teacher requires absolute patience. The process of learning piano is hard. She thinks it's necessary to understand the students' problems and help solve them together. "I hope my students can express their emotions and improve their quality of life through music in the future, which is my ideal and purpose for teaching," said Yuan Peng.

During the Covid-19 pandemic period, Ms. Peng also offers online piano lessons via Zoom.